Semi Automatic Capsule Filler

Semi Automatic

The VORTEX Semi-Automatic Capsule Machine offers a high degree of automation, higher levels of filling weight accuracy, enhanced automation to meet GMP standards, a 100% Stainless Steel Cover, and the ability to fill more than 25000 capsules per hour.

The machine is constructed in a mild steel angle welded & powder coated frame. All product contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316 materials & all covers are made from Stainless Steel 304 sheet. Other machine parts like Cams, Gears, Shafts are bolted.

This advanced design meets the requirements of modern pharmaceutical procedures, and it fully complies with all GMP aspects of pharmaceutical sanitation.

Lightweight magnesium alloy is used for loading trays. The size of the holes is listed below

  • Compact GMP model.
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) & output display for all operations
  • The stainless steel is smooth and crevice-free.
  • The changing capsule size is a quick and easy process.
  • The filling station can easily be changed from powder to pellets.
  • Online Capsule Polishing & Sorting can be provided. (Optional)
  • No operator requires for Capsule Polishing & Sorting.
  • Automatic empty capsule separation after Loading – No need to turn by hand.
  • No extra power consumption.
  • No need to store filled capsules for polishing.
  • The loader gets disengaged automatically after one complete rotation of the loading ring.
  • Auger with four speeds to fill different types of powders & pellets.
  • Modified design of drug hopper reduces the time for dismantling and unloading of powder.
  • Auto-drug hopper in-feed mechanism reduces weight variations & improves productivity.
  • Automatic declutching of the loader when the loading rings are full minimizes operator attention and ensures optimum production.
  • Infinitely variable filling table speed ensures dosage accuracy.
  • Automatically drug hopper in-feed mechanism eliminates weight variation, reduces operator fatigue, and enhances productivity.
  • A choice of four augur speeds enables the machine to handle a wide variety of powder from highly hygroscopic to very free-flowing.
  • Automatic Capsule Closing System ensures faster, safer closure and ejection of filled capsules. (Optional)

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