Empty Capsule Sorter

Empty Capsule Sorter

 The Karnavati Empty capsule separator (KECS 100) unit is a portable GMP model generally installed in the capsule filling room after the Capsule sorting unit (KMCS100). The KECS 100 machine is simple in construction. 


  • The rated output of the machine is 100,000 capsules / hour approx.
  • The overall dimension of the assembly is 480 mm (L) X 260 mm (W) X 740 mm (H)
  • Machine weight: 25 kgs
  • Machine is mounted on four legs
  • Machine comprises of a feed hopper, capsule deflector, sorting chamber, cone tube, empty capsule collection box, filter ring, blower casing, dimmer, impeller and motor.
  • All contact parts are of SS 316 material with electro polished mirror finish.


One feed hopper is provided to receive the capsules and allows the passing capsule deflecting unit. Capsule deflector is provided with one outlet for empty capsules, loose capsules and sorted capsules. Sorting chamber is provided with cone tube. One SS filter ring is provided at the bottom part of the sorting chamber which prevents the entry of the capsules into the blower section. The blower casing and the housing are mounted on the base plate. A housing is provided to support the sorting chamber, the core tube, the dimmer stat and a digital voltmeter. A digital voltmeter is provided on the housing. A dimmer stat is provided on the housing to vary the voltage supplied to the blower to change the air flow rate. An impeller for developing the air flow is providing. Variable speed motor is directly coupled to the impeller. A core tube is provided inside the sorting chamber which slows the speed of the capsules entering into the machine.


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