Low Cost Tablet and Capsule Metal Detectors

VinSys Metal Detector

VINSYST MPV-TC SERIES Tablet and Capsule Metal Detector

Standard Features:

Detection Theory: Balance Coil
• According to CGMPs Compliance
• Very High Thruput: Check Upto 5000 to 7000 Tablets / Capsules Per Minute
• Aperture/Tunnel Size: 100mm (W) x 30mm (H)
• IQ, OQ, PQ Documents Included
• Validated Test Calibration Kits (3 nos test pieces) Included
• NABL Certificate for Calibration Kits (3 nos) Included
• Comprehensive Manual with Wiring Diagram Included
• MOC: SS 304 with Contact Parts SS 316; Non-metallic Parts made from Polypropylene
(Food Grade)
• Rejection Option: Quick Flap System with Rejection Bin
• Reject Mechanism De-attachable Type for Easy Cleaning & Washing
• Buzzer & Indicator Lamp Alarming
• DSP Technology with Digital Signal Filter
• Dual Channel Operation
• Easy Height Adjustment to Match the De-Duster Machine or Tableting Machine
• System can be Rotate 360° at place
• Auto PA and Auto Balance
• Product Effect Compensation
• Automatic Adjustment for Temperature Variation and Static Metal
• Imported Sensors and Coils
• High IP Standards to give Maintenance Free Resistance against Moisture, Dust & Water
• Securely Packed in Export Worthy Packaging



Aperature Size:                100mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Sensitivity:                        Fe:0.4mm, Non-Fe:0.5mm, SS:0.6mm
Reject System:                 Quick Flap System with Rejection
Bin IP Rating:                   IP 66 Protection (Moisture + Hazard + Dust + Water Resistant+ Non-Corrosive)
Power Supply:                  AC 115V 60Hz
Working Temp.                 100 ± 400C
MOC:                                SS 304, Contact Parts SS 316; Non-metallic Parts from Polypropylene (Food Grade)

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