PTB420Auto Tablet Testing Instrument with Integrated Balance and Feeder

PT420Auto 4-in-1 Tablet Testing

The fully automated 4-in-1 PTB 420 Auto is a dual test mode instrument used to measure tablet weight, diameter, thickness and hardness. The PTB 420 Auto features an integrated Sartorius analytical balance module to determine individual sample weights, a tablet feeder for up to 25 samples and a LCD display. This unit offers some unique features including:

1. Highly accurate Optical Class 1 Laser Beam determines tablet thickness instead of a caliper based approach

2. Patented Tablet Alignment Jaws that automatically adjust tablet orientation for thickness and hardness measurments ideally suited for many different shapes of tablets. 

3. Dual Measurment Mode set to either linear force or linear speed increase mode

4. Flexible Tablet Weight Measurements either weigh each sample individually before placing them into the tablet magazine or weigh all samples together and calculate the average tablet weight.

The PTB 420 Auto features a large, back-lit color LCD with menu navigation by use of a click wheel. This allows the user to rapidly scroll through the menus to make their selections. Quickly create methods by entering the nominal test information for thickness, diameter, hardness and weight via the alpha-numerical keyboard and select the unit to measure (mm/in, Kp/N/Sc). The angle of the operation panel can be adjusted freely to guarantee optimal visibility, whether the user is sitting in front of the instrument or operating it from a standing position.

To perform a test with PTB 420 Auto, insert the samples into the tablet feeder. The samples will be weighed and dropped one by one into the unique sample positioning station for automated correct alignment inside the combined thickness, diameter and hardness test station. Once the test is finished and the sample is broken, the sample dish moves backwards to drop the sample fragments into the removable waste container. The results are immediately displayed and may be printed to a connected printer. The print-out includes each individual result as well as product information, date, time, user, instrument serial number and statistics.

The Feeder and Balance Module

PTB 420 includes a feeder for up to 25 samples and features an integrated Sartorius analytical balance. For tests with more than 25 samples, the instrument prompts the user to refill the feeder once the first 25 samples have been tested. Before the samples are dropped into the combined thickness, diameter and hardness test station of the PTB 420 Auto, they are transported onto a balance dish integrated into the feeder. There the individual weight of each sample is determined. The feeder can be removed easily for cleaning purposed. The feeder and testing station are covered by a transparent hood. This can be flipped back to easily fill the feeder. It features a detection system to ensure the instrument only runs when the hood is closed.


  • Tablet thickness, diameter, hardness and weight are measured and reported
  • Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes
  • Document all results on external printer, no software required
  • Multiple point validation procedure for all measurement stations built-in
  • Test up to 25 samples automatically by using the integrated feeder
  • Automatically determine the individual sample weights using the integrated Sartorius analytical balance
  • Automated positioning of samples in the testing area by unique alignment jaws
  • Touch-less measurement of sample thickness
  • Sophisticated user and method management system included
  • Quick menu navigation by using a large color LCDand a click wheel
  • Fully complies with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> regulations
  • 2 year warranty and IQ/OQ documentation included 

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PTB420Auto Tablet Carousel
Tablet waste container

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