SH1 Single Station

SH1 Single Station

Automated Single Station Tablet Press

The Raj PharmaTech SH1 is a single punch, GMP tablet machine that has been developed with advanced tableting technology and high-quality material. The SH1 is an automated press that includes a powder hopper. It is designed for free-flowing powders and much more convenient than a manual, hydraulic tablet press model. 

The SH1 is a rugged built, bench top-model with small footprint. It is very easy to operate and is simple to clean, maintain and change over tooling. The machine consists of the main transmission mechanism, pressing mechanism, electronic control section, and hopper. It can utilize a high amount of pressure to reduce the weight difference between the tablets while maintaining a low noise level. It is also capable of producing continuous control over the loading of the powders and the thickness of tablets

Intended Use:

  • Formulation and Product Development laboratories for pharmaceutical and supplements
  • Laboratory use, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Universities and Colleges
  • Agriculture, confectionary, industrial and cannabis


No. of stations



D, B or BB

Tablet diameter/length (Max.) in mm

12 mm Round / 16 mm Caplet

Depth of fill (Max.) in mm

20 mm

Thickness of Tablet

6 mm

Tablets/hr. (Max)*

Up to 6,000

Max. Pressure Ton

15 tons

Electric motor

1.0 HP/960 RPM/120 V/60 HZ/3 Phase

Electric Supply

120V Single Phase US Standard with VF Drive


L-700mm W-370mm h-800mm

Gross Weight

70 kg

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