VDS 150 Series Tablet Dedusters

VDS 150 series

The VDS-150 Tablet Deduster is an upward conveying and dedusting system that can be connected to either the right or left side fo the tablet press. Dedusting is acheived by vibration, compressed air and vacuum dust extraction. The tablets are pushed up and along a stainless steel tray by adjustable vibration to shake off the dust. The dust is blown by compressed air through a central dust collector. Vibration is easily adjustable using a digital controller. The VDS150 is also available as a Combination Unit connected to a Metal Detector (Safeline, Lock or Ceia)


  • Made of Electropolished, Stainless Steel Type 316L with acryllic or stainleess steel housing
  • Modular with different height towers (VDS150-S 34-40 inches, VDS150-M 40-46 inches, VDS150-T 46-50 inches) for outlet height
  • Digital vibration control with vibration free housing
  • Adjustable height
  • Outlet can be ritated 90, 180 or 270 degrees to the Inlet
  • Small Footprint
  • Available with optional Metal Detector (Safeline, Locl or Ceia)
  • 600,000 tablets/hour output
  • Proudly Designed and Made in the USA

Additional Images

VDS 150S
VDS 150M
VDS 150T
VDS 150 with CEIA

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