FETON Full Metal Capsule Fillers

Full Metal Kit 300

Feton International began operations over 50 years ago as a manufacturer of small capsule filling equipment and has become world-renowned as the inventor of the FastLock Manual Capsule filling machine.  Each machine is made, assembled and tested at our site in Belgium to the highest quality standards. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified.

The FETON Full Metal FastLock Capsule Filler Kits offer everything you need for larger capacity filling. The kit includes the filler, loader, powder stop, tamper, power spreader, and cleaning brush. FETON Full Metal Capsule Fillers are fully cGMP and used in the strictest of regulated companies. It is ideal for use pharmacies, dispensaries, compounders, hospitals, dietary supplement, veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and psilocybin. Also available are Full Metal Fillers only that are useful to speed up production for multiple users and different capsule sizes. Each capsule filler is specific to a capsule size and supplied with the appropriate racks. 


  • Available in 100, 120, 200, 300 or 400 capsules per machine
  • About 10 batches per hour or approximately up to 4000 capsules/hour can be produced with the 400-count machine 
  • One machine per capsules size
  • Fill Capsules sizes from 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Fastlock Lever locking system
  • Plates material: Stainless Steel / Nickel Plating with FDA certificate available


Each kit contains:

  • Capsule Filler
  • Capsule Loader
  • Small Tamper
  • Powder Stop Frame
  • Powder Spreader
  • Cleaning Brush

Full Metal Filler Kits Available

Cat# FKFMT100         Full Metal Capsule Filler 100 Kit (capsule sizes 00 to 5)
Cat# FKFMT120         Full Metal Capsule Filler 120 Kit (capsule sizes 000 to 4) 
Cat# FKFMT200         Full Metal Capsule Filler 200 Kit (capsule sizes 000 to 4) 
Cat# FKFMT300         Full Metal Capsule Filler 300 Kit (capsule sizes 00 to 4) 
Cat# FKFMT400         Full Metal Capsule Filler 400 Kit (capsule sizes 00 to 4) 



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fmt 400
serial closer
ftm300 clsoed

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