PTWS 1220 12 Vessel Dissolution Apparatus


The Pharma Test PTWS 1220 and PTWS D620 (dual speed) is a powerful and highly effecient 12 vessel USP Apparatus 1 and 2 dissolution testing apparatus that complies with the latest USP and FDA regulations. Both models feature two additional vessels (approx. 250ml) for media refilling and reference standard media. The PTWS 1220 and D620 are the ideal choice for Biowaiver studies and dissolution method development. The PTWS D620 model allows the user to set a different RPM speed for the 6 vessels in the back offering a powerful 2-in-1 dissolution tester great for method developement.


  • Fully compliant to the latest USP <711/724> and ASTM E2503-07 for Mechanical Qualifications
  • 12 vessels with excellent access to all vessels for manual sampling
  • PTWS D620 offers 2 different running RPM speeds for the front and rear six vessels at the same time
  • Large color, touchscreen display for complete dissolution test control for methods, user rights and qualifications
  • Pharma Test MonoShaft™ design includes serialized Spin On/Off Paddle and Basket Shafts
  • 3-point individual vessel centering system
  • Centrally located electronic lift drive
  • Vacuum moulded water bath can easily be removed from the support frame for fast cleaning 
  • Ultra-Fast bath heating with powerful, yet quiet, stainless steel-housed circulation pump with vibration-free transmission
  • Automation ready with automated or manual tablet drop, sampling manifold, and temperature measurment in each vessel
  • Instrument suitability check prior to start of a test run
  • Staggered start capability
  • Vessel low evaporation sealing covers
  • Drainage tap to empty the bath
  • CFR compliant method management and user administration with access control
  • Built-in thermo printer to print a test-log at the end of a run
  • Optical and acoustic signals to inform about sampling intervals, timer count down function
  • Status bar with traffic light information on display shows the instrument status by different colors (green = ready to use, yellow = preparing to use, red = error encountered)
  • OQ, PQ interval warning with programmable interval
  • Includes IQ/OQ documentation with 2 year warranty
Sampling Manifold

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