Basket Shafts

Basket Shafts

Certifed Basket Shafts

Dissolution Basket Shafts are critical in obtaining correct and reproducible results and are sometimes overlooked as a key element in dissolution testing. Bent clips, shafts, etching are signs that its time to replace your baskets. Furthermore, baskets shafts can be a source for both mechanical calibration and performance verification testing failures. You may also consider switching to spin on/off basket shafts to improve compliance and speed up test turnover time.

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All our basket shafts are designed to be fully USP compliant and are supplied complete with serialization and certification. For those laboratories that are performing ASTM Mechanical Qualification, an individual certificate of USP Conformance can be also provided. Other companies only supply a generic certificate.

All Products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

We guarantee all our baskets shafts to be equivalent to those from your original manufacturer!

We offer basket shafts for ALL Manufacturers including: Agilent/Varian/Vankel, Distek, Hanson Research, Sotax, Electrolab, Logan, and Erweka.

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