TIDAS E Spectrophotometers

TIDAS E Spectrophotometers

TIDAS E - Diode Array Technology

The TIDAS E spectrometer series offers a quick and easy introduction into diode array spectroscopy. The TIDAS E devices combine a detector system with integrated light source, internal patent-pending cuvette holder and the possibility of coupling external optical fiber probes. External accessories such as sample changers or filter changers can be controlled by means of control and trigger cables. Through Ethernet connection, the TIDAS E devices are easily integrated into existing network environments or directly connected to the computer.

  • Plug and Play - the TIDAS E is immediately ready for use thanks to the included accessories
  • Increased flexibility - the patent-pending cuvette holder implements a large number of measuring setups in one device
  • Diode array technology - allows fast and accurate measurements with low scattered light
  • Software - modular and user-friendly design allows the acquisition and evaluation of individual tasks

With the TIDAS E the following measuring arrangements are possible without device conversion:

  • Cuvette measurement
  • Detection of external measuring arrangements such as immersion probes or flow measuring cells
  • Coating thickness measurement by white light interference
  • Color measurement and evaluation
  • Fluorescence measurement
  • Scatter measurement

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