Capsule Polisher

Capsule Polisher

Capsule Polisher VPS-100 Series

  • Advanced polishing and conveying technology that maximizes sample throughput (300,000 capsules/hr.) by utilizing vacuum suction with chamber perforations to ensure dust aspiration.
  • Helical nylon brush rotates as the capsules are gently polished and conveyed upward.
  • Upward conveying to minimize footprint and maximize output.
  • Made in USA with the highest quality materials. Stainless steel construction.
  • Easy tool-less assembly and disassembly thanks to the modular tri-clamp design.
  • Customizable inlet + outlet height with the tri-clamp stackable design - 25 inch inlet height and 50 inch outlet height.
  • Small footprint and low noise.
  • Digital Speed Control to easily customize polishing speed.
  • Outlet can be rotated 360 degrees with respect to inlet.
  • Vertical design to ensure compatibility with metal detectors and storing drums. Can be placed on any side of the capsule filler.
  • Available for integration with metal detectors and empty capsule sorters on the same stand.


Vertical capsule polishers and dedusters have a major benefit in their design due to the elevation gained during the process. This allows for easy integration with other peripheral equipment without slowing down production. Vertical polishers coupled with a metal detector results in a much greater discharge height as com- pared to the horizontal polisher. The vertical style setup allows you to utilize a larger storage bin for final product dis- charge. The horizontal setup would require the operator to continuously interfere and exchange the storage bin due to its limited capacity. When a horizontal polisher is coupled with a metal detector and empty capsule sorter the vertical distance lost becomes a major disadvantage in the production process. A vertical polisher requires less horizontal space in the production suite which minimizes the total footprint in the process.

Capsule Polisher Brushes

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Capsule Polisher with CEIA Metal Detector
CEIA Metal Detector
Capsule Polisher Sorter
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