PTB 111EP Tablet Hardness Tester

Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB series of tablet hardness are our top-selling units and can be found in tablet press rooms across the globe. The PTB 111EP with integrated printer and PTB111E (external printer only) are dual force mode, digital hardness testers capable of measuring in linear force or linear speed increase modes. These Pharmatest Products or instruments are made in strict compliance with the latest EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> for Tablet Breaking Force and offer a multi-point, built-in calibration procedure.

This stainless steel model is very reliable and easy to use, perfect for any manufacturing environment. Results can be displayed in KP (Kilopond), N (Newton) or Sc (Strong Cobb). The tablet is placed next to the load cell and the operator presses start to move the jaw forward. Once the jaw touches the tablet, the force to break the tablet is measured and clearly displayed on the LED screen. The next tablet is measured in the same way and the sample count is also displayed on the LED screen. Once the desired samples have been tested, pressing stop prints out the results and statistics from the integrated printer (EP model) or extranal printer (Epson or HP LaserJet) or to an external data capturing system such as LIMS.

Calibration and Validation

The USP requires the force sensor of a tablet hardness testing instrument to be calibrated periodically over the complete measuring range (or the range used for measuring samples) with a precision of 1N. All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instrument can be statically calibrated over the complete measuring range by the use of different traceable counterweights. All instruments support the checking of at least three different points during calibration to prove the linearity of the force sensor. 

The PTB 111EP offers a built-in calibration program that allows 3 different certifed weights to measure the range of the load cell. The calibration report can be printed at the end of the procedure. PharmaTest offers the PTB-CAL15 and PTB-CAL30 weight sets for this purpose. It is also possible to use the PT-MT3 Magnetic Tablet to qualify the PTB 111EP. The advantage with the PT-MT3 is it can test any the entire range as well as test reporducibility of the load cell.


  • 300N (1-30 Kp), 500N (5-50 Kp) and 800N (8-80 Kp) load cells options are availble to cover a full working range from soft micro-tablets to tamper-proof formulations
  • Test program available for soft gelatin capsules 
  • Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes
  • Integrated thermal printer with EP model saves space 
  • External printer to Epson receipt style print out or HP Laser jet for full page printout
  • Multiple point calibration procedure built-in complies with latest USP <1217>
  • Programmable print-out of force increase curve
  • Optional Set to test the tension strength of oblongs and caplets available
  • Fully USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> compliant
  • 2 Year warranty and IQOQ documentation set included

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Tablet Hardness Tester

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