Capsule Sinkers

Capsule Sinkers

Capsule and Basket Sinkers capsule and basket sinkers are designed to be fully USP compliant. Selecting reliable and compliant accessories is essential to achieve reproducibility and consistency from test to test and can actually improve your results with only minor changes.

Buy with Confidence

We guarantee all our capsule and basket sinkers to be equivalent to those from your original dissolution testing equipment manufacturer and will be of equivalent or better quality!

We offer a full range of sinkers including:

  • Spiral Sinkers in Stainless Steel and PTFE coatings
  • Spring Style Sinkers
  • O-ring Style Sinkers
  • Japanese Basket Sinkers
  • Basket Sinkers with Lids
  • Pronged Sinkers
  • Verticial Holder Sinkers
  • Sinker Wire for the do-it-yourselfers

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