PTG-NIR Powder Analysis System

PTG-NIR Powder Analysis System

Powder Flow combined with NIR Analysis System

The PTG-NIR automatic powder and granule analysis system combines the Pharma Test PTG-S4 powder flow testing instrument with an integrated J&M TIDAS L NIR diode array spectrometer. The system is controlled by the powerful TIDASDAQ3 software including a customized script for the PTG-NIR. The system is ideal to examine the flow characteristics of a powder or granule. This combination is ideal for simultaneous detection of chemical, physical and morphological information. This information is describing the flow behaviors of a powder or granule. Other forms of solids are possible to be tested too. All the results are presented in a single report generated by the included TIDASDAQ3 software.

The automated PTG-S4 stand-alone powder characterization system is used to measure the flow behavior of granules and powders in compliance with the EP <2.9.36> and USP <1174> Pharmacopoeia. In addition the instrument is also compliant to the ISO 4324 and DIN EN 12047 standards. It features an integrated balance and a built-in printer for a compact foot print. The GMP compliant all stainless steel finish is easy to clean and maintain.

The J&M TIDAS L NIR diode array spectrometer is built-into a separate stainless steel housing from which the fiber optic cable is directly connected to the PTG-S4 instrument. This combination is the PTG-NIR. The NIR measurement accessory greatly expands the application range of the standard PTG-S4 instrument.

Expanded Range of Application

The PTG-NIR is equipped with a J&M NIR diode array spectrometer. A fiber optic probe is swiveled in just below the transparent glass powder dish of the PTG-S4 instrument. The NIR measurement is made by shining the light through the probe window and the glass powder dish, directly into the powder cone that forms on the powder dish. The light penetrates the powder cone enough to provide reproducible spectral results.

By adding the NIR spectrometer the range of application is expanded for the additional analysis of:

  • Moisture content
  • API concentration
  • Qualitative “finger printing” of powder Content*
  • Homogeneity of blended components*

*: Requires additional optional software packages (CAMO Unscrambler or SensoLogic)

This innovative approach means that the range of analytical information available from a single powder sample has now been greatly increased. In Pharmaceutical applications, it is now possible analyze all incoming raw materials (e.g., non-active ingredients) regarding their content as well as their moisture. This quick and non-destructive test provides all information required before the material is passed on into the production cycle. The flow characteristics and water content critically affect the way that the powder or powder mix will flow into the tableting machine for example. Blends of non-active materials can also be analyzed. The system can also shed light on the distribution of an API within a powder blend. It is possible to develop methods to give indications for content uniformity.


  • Fully USP <1174>, EP <2.9.36> and ISO 4324 (12/83) compliant
  • Measure the flow behavior of powders and granules to reduce process costs and maintain quality and consistency of the final product
  • Gather chemical, physical and morphological information by using the integrated NIRspectrometer
  • Fast diode array NIRspectrometer provides immediate full spectra and contains no moving parts
  • Included white standard for reference scan, integrated shutter for dark current measurement
  • Includes TIDASDAQ3 software with customized script
  • Integrated clear view dust protection hood for the powder test area

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