Cannula Filters

Cannula Filters

Dissolution Cannula Filters

Dissolution filters are used to prevent particles of undissolved material from getting into the sample and affecting the spectrophotometer or HPLC % dissolved results.Cannula filters can be placed on the ends of manual cannulas, within the sampling probe head or an a sampling manifold. Our filters help deliver precision, accuracy and reliability to meet the most challenging dissolution applications. They are fabricated from ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene (PE) and designed with a durable consruction to withsstand all the rigors of dissolution testing. All filters are USP compliant and meet or exceed the original manufactuerers specifications.

Extensive Range offers an extensive range of dissolution filters:

  • Cannula filters – used when high levels of particulate are present
  • Filter Discs – low volume sample probes may require an In-Line Filter Disc. These are designed to keep the filtration process outside the vessel.
  • Filter Tips – smaller than cannula filters, filter tips fit on the end of larger diameter sample probes.

We offer compatible cannula filters for Distek, Agilent/Varian/Vankel, Hanson Research/Teledyne, Pharmatest, Electrolab, and Full Flow Filters. We even offer a full range of 25 mm syringe filters too.

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