Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

The Ribbon Blender consists of a mixing drum complete with ribbon type blades and sealing arrangement. The drum is mounted on rigid stand made of SS Square Pipes with suitable motor & gear drive. All contact parts SS 316 and Non-Contact Parts are of SS 304.

Mixing Blades: The blades of the Ribbon Blender are so arranged to minimize dead area & obtain thorough Mixing. The main mixing vessel with Ribbon blade is mounted on S.S. pillow block arrangement through SS housings with suitable double bearing arrangement to bear the rigid & thrust load.

SS Dust Cover: The material under mixing process can be observed in process through SS dust cover of the container. It is hinged to the container and SS grills with cover are provided to add solution during the mixing process.

Tilting Device: It is provided with a manual tilting arrangement by means of a hand wheel mechanism with option of motorized tilting, if required, for easy discharge of the blended material.

Sealing Arrangement: Suitable self-sealing arrangement is provided by specially designed seal to avoid impurity particles from entering into the mixing Drum thereby preventing the generation of Black particles.


We offer several size of ribbon blenders from small table top to large floor models. Our common 30 kg is our most popular however they come in all sizes.



30 kg.

Working Volume

60 Liter

Overflow Volume

70 Liter


All contact parts SS316 & non contact parts SS304

Paddle Speed

30 RPM ( please confirm )


1 HP ( Non FLP Geared Motor )

Ribbon Blender

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control panel
floor model

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