Tablet Metal Detectors


Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

The CEIA THS/PH21 Series of Metal Detectors can be used with any Tablet Press, Encapsulation Machine or be integrated with a Tablet Deduster. CEIA is an industry leader and world recognized in indutrial metal dectection systems used in securities, ground search, food, textiles and trusted by TSA at airports across the United States.

The Pharmaceutical division includes several state-of-the-art Quality Control Metal Detectors that offer full compliance with FDA requirements Part 210 and Part 211. The THS/PH21N and THS/PH21E provides superior metal detection in the manufacturing process of this strictly regulated industry. The highly reliable proprietary digital technology delivers a consistent detection far metal contaminants in tablets, capsules and powders. All models feature a mirror finish on the 316L Stainless Steel that offers the best level of sanitation achievement.

Superior Detection Capability
CElA THS/PH21N Metal Detection Systems feature extremely high detection sensitivity towards contaminating metals, whether ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel. Once a contamination is detected, the system rejects the identified material. The system's fail safe operation monitors the opening and closing of the ejection flap through a redundant confirmation sensor.

Continuous embedded Self-Calibration
CElA THS/PH21N introduces a continuous embedded Self-Calibration function for maximum repeatability and performance consistency over time. Proprietary signals are sent to the metal detector transmission and reception chain that provides constant monitoring of the detection characteristics. Constant regulation of algorithms supplies compensation for any variations caused by environmental factors. The result is system with stability, consistency in performance and effect product assurance.

FDA 21 Part 11 Compliant
CElA THS/PH21N Metal Detection Systems satisfy the standards of Security, Integrity and Traceability of production data as required by Part 11 of Title 21 of the CFR - Electronic Records - Electronic Signatures.

Product Features

  • Very high throughput rate
  • Superior Detection Capability
  • Self-Calibration
  • Maximum Configurability
  • IQ/OQ documentation package included
  • Modern, Rugged User-Friendly Interface
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • FDA Title 21CFR Part 11 Compliant: Data Security; Data Integrity; Data Traceability
  • Design and Construction compliant with 21 CFR Parts 210 and 21

Our models include:

THS/PH21N - Ultra High Sensitivity Tablet Metal Detector for the most demanding Pharmaceutical requirements

THS/PH21E - Our top selling High Sensitivity Tablet Metal Detector is used in supplement and pharma companies across the country

THS/PH21N-DT - Our Dust Tight Pharmaceutical Metal Detection System has a transit tunnel and ejection system completely sealed

THS/PH21N-WIP - The Wash-in-Place Tablet Metal Detector is completely sealed and is fitted with nozzles for washing water injection and decontamination


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