V blender

From Lab and Pilot Scale to cGMP Production Models

The V-Blender has a unique blending mechanism providing homogeneous, uniform, and even predictable properties of blends and mixtures. This makes the stainless steel V-Blender the optimum choice for fine powders for R&D and small batch production. The function is based on a special 3D blending effect in the pant-leg region, which is generated through a combination of: dividing, cascading and an intermeshing mixing mechanism. During blending, materials tumble periodically towards the apex and the legs, while they move along the horizontal rotation at the same time.

Our V-Blenders come in all sizes - from Bench-Top to Floor Models. All contact parts are made of GMP compliant materials and can be sterilized in accordance with GMP. Documentation including MOCs and IQ/OQ documents are included.

Please contact us for V- blenders of all sizes from table top to pilot scale to production models

Bench Top Lab Scale V – Blender – 1, 2, 5 & 10 Liters

Pilot Scale V – Blender - 10-25 Kgs

Production scale up to 6000L

Additional Images

Bench top with interchangeable shells
Pilot Scale Floor Models

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