TIDAS P Milk Inspector

TIDAS P Milk Inspector

Continous Measurement for Process Monitoring in the Dairy Industry

The TIDAS P Milk Inspector is a new in-line, real-time NIR measurement system designed for effective process monitoring in the dairy industry. Our technology sheds light upon milk, enabling real-time determination of fat, protein and dry weight during production.

Mode of Operation

The TIDAS P Milk Inspector uses a novel, scientifically proven in-line optical measurement system for fat, protein and dry weight analysis during the production cycle. Due to a very short measurement time, you can monitor these parameters in more detail with the highest accuracy for control and documentation. Precise real-time measurements help to increase profitability (e.g. by avoiding fat excess) and to ensure product quality. The Milk Inspector integrates seamlessly into an existing plant. Connecting the system to your process control system is easy and saves you time and money. 

Working Principle

The Milk Inspector measurement system enables accurate in-line measurements of the most important milk constituents. Predicted in-line values show excellent correspondence with the reference laboratory analysis. The technology is based on VIS/SW-NIR analysis, which is an affordable and flexible technology that still provides excellent quality of measurement results.

These results open an opportunity for a replacement of time-consuming and expensive lab analysis with a real-time measurement of fat, total protein and dry weight with a sensor directly integrated into the process line, thus, enabling a thorough monitoring of the final product composition. This facilitates process control, enabling an immediate corrective reaction to any process deviation. Better process understanding through detailed process trajectories may help to optimize the production and improve the product Quality.


  • Continous, Real-time determination of fat, protein and dry weight
  • Very short measurement times
  • Increase profitability and product quality
  • Integrate the Milk Inspector into an existing plant seamlessly
  • Excellent correspondence with the reference laboratory analysis
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Hygienic, without sampling
  • Proven by scientific research

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