PTZ100 and PTZ300 Disintegration Testers

PTZ300 Semi-Automated Disintegration

Single and Triple Station Tablet Disintegration Test Instrument

PTZ 100 is a single station tablet disintegration test instrument. PTZ 300 is the triple station version. Both instruments are manufactured in compliance to the USP <701/2040>, EP <2.9.1/> and JP Pharmacopoeias. The instruments feature a method and user management system as well as an integrated report printer.

All Pharma Test tablet and capsule disintegration testers are fully compliant with the current USP and EP Pharmacopeia and support both A-type and B-type baskets for regular or larger samples. They feature a stainless-steel housing, to be more GMP compliant than painted housing designs. Often these instruments are used in QC and IPC laboratories where most of the other equipment uses stainless steel as well.


The disintegration basket which holds the glass tubes and discs, is placed into a metal holder and held by a magnet. The instrument detects if a basket is inserted or not. The illuminated LC-display shows status information, like the elapsed testing time. The disintegration basket is moved up and down by 55mm (each way) at a rate of 30 times per minute. At test start it is moved smoothly into the testing medium.

The instrument’s heating system using a circulation pump warms the water inside the Plexiglas water bath up to the programmed target temperature, i.e. 37°C. A second sensor is used as a safety device which switches off the heater in case the temperature should rise outside the limit. A flow sensor, a thermal fuse and a thermal switch provide additional safety features to protect the system from overheating. The bath target temperature can be freely adjusted. Using the supplied temperature probe, the medium temperature can always be checked.

Depending on the operating procedure, the test is either automatically stopped if the pre-set time has expired or if the operator terminates the test once he saw that all samples have disintegrated. The basket then stops at its highest mechanical position. The standard “A”-type disintegration basket is supplied with six glass tubes and six plastic discs.

User Interface with Click Wheel Navigation

PTZ 100 and PTZ 300 are operated by using a click wheel to navigate menus on the LCD screen and by functional keys to shortcut frequent operations. The display is backlit in changing colors that show the instrument status in a familiar traffic light system (green, yellow, red). Navigating the menu is quick and simple. The color-changing display makes it easy for the user to see when his input is required to proceed.

Integrated Report Printer

PTZ 100 and PTZ 300 feature an integrated report printer to document the test and calibration results. An integrated printer saves valuable bench space in your laboratory.

PTZ300 Integrated Printer

Additional Images

PTZ100 Interface
Basket A and B

Date Storage and Export

A USB flash drive can be connected to the instrument to save and load methods in .csv-format. Printouts can be stored as text files. Results can be transmitted to external systems such as LIMS via a serial interface. Furthermore, instrument firmware updates can be installed, and factory settings be restored by using the flash drive without the need for any PC or programming tool.

PT-Node Network Adapter for Printing and Data Transfer

PT-Node is an adapter that connects up to two Pharma Test instruments simultaneously to a network using a wired LAN connection. This way you can print test results from the instrument via your web browser on any local or network printer. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer the test results from the instruments to external systems in the same network. PT-Node supports PTZ 100 and PTZ 300.

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