Automated Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester

Automated Powder Flow and Characterization Analysis

The Pharma Test PTG-S4 powder testing system is used to measure and characterize the flow behaviour of granules, powders and blends in compliance with USP <1174>, EP <2.9.36/17> and ISO 4324 standards. This instrument is suitable for measuring:

1. Flow Time of a pre-defined Mass

2. Angle of Repose

3. Cone Bulk Density and Volume

4. USP/EP "Flowability" - the flow time of 100g of sample through a specified pouring nozzle

The PTG-S4 is equipped with a built-in analytical Sartorius balance cell, an integrated dust protection shield and a built-in printer for fast reports. 


  • Measure angle of repose, dulk density and flow time in a single run
  • Supplied with variable speed stirring device and nozzles to optimize sample flow
  • Integrated clear view, dust protection shield to protect user
  • Variable Programs allow for replicate testing
  • Easy to dissasemble and clean
  • Integrated printer for fast reports with statistical analysis
  • Stand working volume of 300-100g with optional 10ml small volume kit 
  • Includes IQOQ documentation and 2 year warranty

Why Measure the Flow Properties of Powders?

It has been estimated that over 50% of the materials used in all industrial applications were at some stage in a powder form. These powders need to be transported, milled, blended, granulated, spray-dried, formulated, and be able to pass through various processing stages before they achieve their final form. This final form may be a tablet, a suspension or a powder formulation. The need to be able to measure, control, characterize, predict and test for reproducible powder flow has been well established in many industrial applications.

Powder flow characteristics are important for:

  • Reduction in cost of raw material (reject bad batches before processing)
  • Maintenance of the optimum formulation for the process concerned
  • Reduction in process costs
  • Maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product
  • Maintaining process efficiency and costs by optimization of product storage, packing, handling, and transportation
  • Maintaining powder quality from different suppliers or from the same supplier over a long time period
  • Development of new processes where powders are required to be formulated into end products
  • Checking moisture effects: use of powders in open systems and different climates
  • Investigating and maintaining the quality of dry mixes
  • Particle size distribution 

Common Areas of Use for Powder Flow Characterization

  • Pharmaceuticals Granulation, micronizing, tablets and other solid dosage forms
  • Abrasives Ceramics, metallic powders and grinding pastes
  • Catalysts Powders for extrudates, catalyst rings, and finely divided metals
  • Chemicals Bulk chemicals, fine chemicals Printing Pigments, toners and binders
  • Washing Powders Powdered surfactants, bulking agents and granulates
  • Fertilizers Extrudates, granulates, powdered pesticides

Powder Flow Tester

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Powder Flow Tester

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