Powder Conveying Solutions

powder conveying

Delfin Pneumatic Conveyors meet and comply with all the standards of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry including the most stringent ones in terms of product quality, safety and cleanliness

Ideal for use with blister packaging machines, tablet presses, capsule filling machines, blenders, reactors, compactors and bottling lines

Our pneumatic conveyors are designed and built to be connected with machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of improving production efficiency, increasing safety and maintaining a high level of hygiene within the department.

The collection of pharmaceutical powder and active ingredients takes place automatically, without the need for clogging or human intervention, with the result of a cleaner working environment and, consequently, a better production process.

Our conveyor systems guarantee proper performance in terms of quantity to avoid the demixing of pharmaceutical powders, transporting the material delicately to tablet presses, reactors, capsuling machines, blister packaging machines and other process machines, always in compliance with health and safety standards and ATEX directives, which is essential in the pharmaceutical

What are the Benefits of Powder Conveying?

  • No contamination or demixing of the transported powders
  • High level of hygiene and safety within the production department
  • High flexibility of use and easy connection with industry process machines
  • Easy sanitization and cGMP compliance with the latest regulations in the pharmaceutical industry
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