DFC-820SP System including PTWS 820D Dissolution Bath

DFC-820SP System including PTWS 820D Dissolution Bath

DFC-820SP with PTWS 820D Dissolution Bath Automated Sampling System

The semi-automated DFC-820SP system is composed of a PTWS 820D 8 vessel Dissolution Bath with a EPE-820 sampling manifild, a PT-SP8 syringe pump, and a PTFC-2/8SP fraction collector. This dissolution system is one of the most cost-effective solution available on the market.

Automated Dissolution Made Easy - Simplified Operation

As soon as the samples have been inserted, the system will start its automated operation. The samples are dropped simultaneously using the TM-820 tablet magazine. The sampling times have been programmed via the touch screen of the PTWS 820D dissolution bath and are saved as a specific method for subsequent tests. After the start of test a command is sent from the dissolution bath to the connected PTFC-2/8SP fraction collector. From there the connected PT-SP8 syringe pump is triggered to start a sampling sequence. The EPE-820 moves the sampling tubes and filter tips into the media to the selected sampling position. The pump will be started to fill up and pre-flush the tubing. When all tubing is filled-up, the samples are collected into vials inside the collector dish of the PTFC-2/8SP. Depending on the system configuration, after dosing the volume will be refilled and the EPE-820 will move back out of the dissolution vessels. At the end of a cycle all tubing is emptied. The system is waiting for the next sampling time. All vials are covered during the test; the vial dish can be easily removed. Also special dishes are available for HPLC vials.


  • Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  • 8 vessels
  • Strong syringe pump
  • Automated withdrawal of samples at specified times via EPE-820 auto sampling system
  • Printed test report available using PT-RP80 report printer (optional)
  • Automated media refilling using additional PT-SP pump module (optional)
  • Individual media temperature measurement at sampling times using ITM-820 system (optional)
  • Motorized TMA-820 tablet magazine (optional, manual TM-820 tablet magazine included in standard supply)
  • Full range of MonoShaft™ stirring tools available

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