Universal Motor Drive

Universal Motor Drive

Universal Motor Drive UAM 

A pilot plant is a pre-commercial production system that employs new production technology and usually produces small volumes of products. The knowledge obtained in the pilot plant is then used to design full-scale production systems and commercial products.

The Pharmag Pilot Plant System addresses the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as well as of pharmacy teaching departments at universities. Furthermore, the Pharmag instruments can be used for regular production of small quantities of special pharmaceutical products as well as for applications in herbal (alternative) medicine, chemicals, fine chemicals, food & feed, agriculture, cement, ceramics, cosmetics and detergents.

The Pharmag Pilot Plant System consists of the UAM Universal Motor Drive and a system of attachments. These attachments perform essential production task such as milling, blending, mixing, homogenization and kneading. Attachments for enhancing or finishing tasks such as pelletizing, granulation, dosing & filling, coating and polishing are also available. The Pharmag Pilot Plant System can be used for all common forms of materials like solids, semi-solids and liquids.

The Power House of the Pharmag Pilot Plant System

This newly designed motor drive is the basic power house for all our attachable accessories.  It also allows the use of existing equipment and accessories supplied by Erweka or Copley. The flexible design offers ease of use and  a fast trouble-free changeover betweeen accessories.  The design of the motor drive is such that there is more than enough room to contain the geometry of any accessory and allow all-around access for tool removal. The UAM is equipped with a state of the art drive motor and electronics. The menu driven user screen allows data entry for speed and operating time, as well as the storage of up to 10 different operating procedures. The built-in 700 Watt motor offers a speed range which can be adjusted over the nominal range of 50-450 rpm. 

Universal Gear UGD

The UGD is used to allow the adjustment of operating angles from 0 to approximately 80° and reduce the drive speed at a ratio of 10:1. Several attachments such as the Pelletizer, Cube Mixers and Coating Pans are attached via the UGD. The UGD accessory has been designed so that the angle of operation can be accurately set against a scale in the instrument housing. This enables the same operational angle to be selected every time the accessory is removed and re-installed. Unlike some similar devices, our gear drive has been designed so that the operator can always view the on-going process as all accessories are mounted to the front of the gear drive. This allows easy viewing of the process at any time.  

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