Tooling Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Tool Cleaning System



The ROTEK TOOL CLEANING SYSTEM is a system based on Ultrasonic Cleaning technology which creates ultrasonic vibrations to create blasting bubbles that ensure a deep and super Clean Surface free of any foreign residue. Once complete, tooling is rinsed and dried ready for storage or use.

Our THREE STAGE CLEANING system is the most popular of our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems. Three stages are required to ensure a deep clean, particle-free, and dry Tooling surface. The First Stage is Ultrasonic Cleaning, second is a Hot Rinsing Process, and Third is Tool Drying Process.

Stage 1 - Ultrasonic Cleaning Stage

In the Ultrasonic Cleaning Stage, the Punches and Dies are Rinsed in Hot Water with Ultrasonic Waves to clean through the Deepest pores. 

Tank Size:                        15" L x 12" W x 10" H                    

Tank Material:                  Stainless Steel 316 / 16 G

Ultrasonic Power:           500 Watts                                       

Ultrasonic Module:          250W X 2 units

Ultrasonic Block :            10 units                                         

Heater:                             1500 Watts

Temperature:                  60 - 65° C with Digital Control         

Frequency:                      33+/- 40 KHz     

Ultrasonic Generator:    Solid State designed having pulsed Optimum Power Output at Maximum Load


Stage 2 - Rinsing Stage

In the Rinsing Stage, the Punches and Dies are rinsed in Hot Water and air to remove the carryover from the Ultrasonic Stage to ensure removal of any foreign particle that remains on the external surface.

Tank Size:           15" L x 12" W x 10" H                                 

Tank Material:     Stainless Steel 316 / 16 G

Heater:                1500 Watts                                                   

Temperature:      70° C with Digital Control

Air Agitation:      1/2" I.D. Stainless Steel Pipe with Perforation

Stage 3 – Drying Stage

In the final Drying Stage, hot air is blown and the remaining water in the tank is displaced from the Punches and Dies which settles down to the bottom, producing a super clean, dry tooling ready for storage or use.

Tank Size:           15" L x 12" W x 10" H                                 

Tank Material:     Stainless Steel 316 / 16 G

Heater:                 Fan Type Air Heater                                    

Temperature:      100° C with Digital Control

Blower:               1/2 HP

Loading Baskets

Loading baskets are provided to ensure transport and proper holding of the tooling while being cleaned. The baskets can easily be put into and removed from the system. 7 basket sets are supplied with the unit as standard:  

3 for B tooling (holding up to 50 punches)

3 for D tooling (holding up to 40 punches)

1 basket for Dies (holding up to 50 dies)

Please advise at ordering, should you want additional baskets.

Basket Size:       14" L x 11" W x 10" H                                                

Material:            Stainless Steel 304


Overall System Specifications:

Outside Cabinet Size:              78" L x 25" W x 36" H    

Outside Cabinet Material:        Stainless Steel 304 / 18 G

Temperature Controller:          Up to 400° C                 

Timer:                                        Up to 99 minutes

Electrical:                                  local electrical supply (please mention at time of order)

Cleaning Baskets and Racks

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