Table Top Rotary Tablet Press

Table Top Rotary Tablet Press

Rotary Tablet Press MiniPress-2

The table top tablet press MiniPress-2B/D is an ideal machine for Research and Development as well as small batch production. This sturdy single sided rotary tablet press is designed with GMP considerations. 

The Mini Press II is available in 3 versions:

1. Mini Press IIB (Standard Version EU B Tooling, 10 position)
2. Mini Press IID (Standard Version EU D Tooling, 8 position)
3. Mini Press IIS (Sense Force Instrumentation)

Standard Features:

In Built Pre-Compression Feature
– Adaptability to both gravity feeder and force feeder
– ELNP – Turret and Cam Tracks to give protection against wear and tear
– Interlocking at Upper and Lower Guards ensures protection against hazards
– All controls for setting tablet parameters are on the dash board.
– SS 315 Contact parts
– 1 set of regular shaped Punches and Dies as per your drawing

Operation and Controls:

The tablet press is equipped with an operation panel on which all command buttons potentiometer
controls ect. are placed. The machine has furthermore an easy accessible emergency button and a
key switch for machine run/ jogging operation. The electrical circuitry is done with conventional wiring, contactors, limit switches ect.

Optional Features:

– Anti Vibration Pads
– SS 304/316 L Turret
– Fully Automatic Version including Force Monitoring (Mini Press II SFIMS)

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