Hoop Drum MIxer

Hoop Drum Mixer

Hoop Drum Mixer - RM-6

The Pharmag Hoop Drum Mixer RM-6 is ideal for mixing products such as powders and granules prior to encapsulation or tabletting. It can also be used for coating, dying or for mixing solid/liquid media. The diagonal placement of the drum within the hoop combined with the rotation of the hoop itself produces a uniform three dimensional displacement of the material and hence tumbling/mixing action.

The mode of operation is extremely simple. The track is attached directly to the UAM Motor Drive. The speed is continually adjustable due to the speed control of the UAM Motor Drive. The Plexiglas drum hoop is carefully placed on
the roller tracks. Fill the drum up to approx. 40% of its total height with the material to be blended. The exact level is determined by the particle size of the material to be blended. In the case of liquids, this level can be extended up
to approx. 80%. Place the cover on top of the drum hoop and secure with the two clamp catches provided for this purpose.

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