PT-TD300 Tapped Density Tester

Tapped Density Tester

Tapped Density Testing

The PT-TD300 instrument measures the tapped and bulk or apparent density of powders, granules and blends according to USP <616>, EP <2.9.34-3>, ASTM and ISO testing standards. Tapped density is achieved by mechanically tapping a measuring cylinder (i.e. raising the cylinder and allowing it to drop a specified distance under its own weight) containing the sample under test. The tapped density in grams per mL can be calculated by dividing the sample weight by the final tapped volume. The PTTD has both 300 taps per min and 250 taps per minute stations. The 300 tap/min drops at a height of 14 mm whereas the 250 tap/min station drops at 3mm. The weight of the platform and cylinders are compliant as indicated by USP, ASTM and ISO.

The PT-TD300 comes with both 250 ml and 100 ml cylinders and platforms. Optional cylinders include 50, 25 and 10ml. The unit automatically detects in which position the cylinder dish is placed and adjusts the speed and tapping height accordingly. It is equipped with a user friendly LCD display. Methods for USP and EP are pre-programmed for a quick test start. It is also possible to create and store customized test methods. The operator inputs the initial sample weight and volume as well as the final tapped volumes. The unit will automatically calculate the initial density, the tapped density, Hausner flowability ratio and Carr compressibility index after each test and documents the results via the integrated protocol printer. The PT-TD300 can be also be connected to a serial or LAN prot for data export/PC connection. An optional Noise Reduction cabinet is also availble.

The Tapped Density Tester may also be used for testing to a range of other industrial standards:

ASTM B527 Standard Test Method for Tap Density of Metal Powders and Compounds

ASTM D7481−18 Standard Test Methods for Determining Loose and Tapped Bulk Densities of Powders using a Graduated Cylinder

ASTM D4164 Standard Test Method for Mechanically Tapped Packing Density of Formed Catalyst and Catalyst Carriers

ASTM D4781 Standard Test Method for Mechanically Tapped Packing Density of Fine Catalyst Particles and Catalyst Carrier Particles

ISO 787-11 General methods of test for pigments and extenders — Part 11: Determination of tamped volume and apparent density after tamping

ISO 3953 Metallic powders — Determination of tap density

ISO 8460 Instant coffee — Determination of free-flow and compacted bulk densities

ISO 8967 Dried milk and dried milk products — Determination of bulk density

ISO 9161 Uranium dioxide powder — Determination of apparent density and tap density


  • Fully USP <616>, EP <2.9.34-3>, ASTM and ISO methods
  • Fixed or adjustable tap count up to 9999 taps
  • Tapping frequency selectable between 250 and 300 taps/minute
  • Easy to navigate menu guided operation
  • Selectable User access rights
  • Automated detection of cylinder position and adjustment of correct tapping speed and height
  • Stainless Steel housing with durable electronics
  • Intergated printer for report generation with time/date stamp and user signature
  • Includes IQOQ documentation and 2 year warranty
Tapped Density Tester

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Tapped Density Tester

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