PTF1DR and PTF3DR Automated Single or Three Drum Friability Tester


The PTF1DR (single drum) and PTF3DR (three drum) FriabilityTesters are multi-drum automated tablet friability testing instrument that are fully compliant to USP <1216> and EP <2.9.7>.  Friability testing is a quality control test used to test the durability of tablets during transit. This involves repeatedly dropping a sample of tablets over a fixed time, using a rotating drum with a baffle. The result is inspected for broken tablets, and the percentage of tablet mass lost through chipping is calculated.

These models feature a unique loading window in the friability drum. The tested samples are automatically discharged into individual stainless steel collectors without having to remove the drums from their axis. They also offer direct connection to a Mettler or Sartorius analytical balance for weight results before and after a test run with printer connection to receive a full test report.


  • Easy tablet loading and automatic discharge into stainless steel trays
  • Connects to a Sartorius or Mettler balance to automatically record tablet weights before and after the test and external printer for calculation of % friability
  • Supplied with conventional scooped drum. Options include anti-static coated or the Abrasion drum
  • Visible LED display counts down the test
  • Optionally equipped with the 10° angle for larger tablets 13mm diameter or greater
  • Stainless steel housing, durable design
  • Multi-drum instrument maximizes testing efficincies
  • Vairable speed 20-60 RPM, simple operation for manufacturing settings
  • Fully USP <1216> and EP <2.9.7> compliant
  • Includes IQOQ documentation and 2 year warranty

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