Table Top Rotary Tablet Press

Mini Press II

Mini Press II - GMP Table Top Tablet Press

Ideally suited for:

  • Pharmaceutical R & D, pilot scale, clinical and small batch production
  • Useful for Nutraceutical, Confectionary, University and Teaching Labs
  • High value/low volume products such as Cannabis Tablets and Mints
  • Maximum output approx. 15 - 20,000 tablet per hours depending on # of stations

Machine design:

  • Machine is compliant with cGMP specifications for design, Control System & cleaning.
  • Machine can be on SS Trolly (optional).
  • Upper acrylic guard interlocks
  • Table top model for easy mobility
  • Machine base is totally enclosed with openable covers for access to motors & drives inside.


  • Turret made of SGI (GGG40) with Electroless Nickel plating which ensures high tensile
  • strength.
  • Electroless Nickel plating provides excellent protection against corrosion from salts, acids , alkali,humidity, temperature etc.
  • Turret can be provided with 8 station D Tooling, 10 Station B Tooling or a combination of D & B or BB

Turret Drive:

  • Central drive system to the turret through high torque reduction gear box 
  • Low noise level even at high speeds.
  • Machine can be operated up to 32 RPM. 
  • Large capacity motor (2HP) ensures no jerks/slippages even when compressing large tablets up to 22 mm in size.

Zonal Separation:

  • Zonal separation prevents stray tablets flowing out into the technical zones.
  • No contamination of product by oil.
  • Clean working environment
  • Maintenance time & change over time is very less.

Pre & Main compression:

  • Pre & main compression of upper/lower roller is made of EN- 31 which has better fatigue resistance.
  • High capacity of pre & main compression system allows critical products to compress properly.
  • Clean system with no maintenance or oil/ compressed air consumption

Cams/Feeding System:

  • Gravity feeding system –Granules are fed through open type feed frame which ensures easy setting and minimum wastage of material.
  • Upper cam track made of SAE-8620 grade material for better surface hardness.
  • Lower cam track is made of SAE-8620/ EN-353 grade material for better surface hardness.

Tablet Parameter control:

  • Outside controls such as weight and tablet thickness adjustment

Control Panel:

The Integrated control panel includes:

  • Emergency stop
  • Manual Push button control panel

Optional Features

  • Stainless Steel Trolley
  • Stainless Steel Table
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Tablet Deduster
  • Tablet Metal Detector
  • Sense Force Monitoring system with software


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