Liquid Dosing Machine

Liquid Dosing Machine

Liquid Dosing Machine LF-150

The Pharmag Liquid Dosing and Filling Machine LF-150 fills and dispenses all liquids with two pumps and valves made of stainless steel each of them ranging from 25 - 150 ml. The LF-150 is directly connected to the UAM Motor Drive. A Foot Pedal may be used to start and stop the filling cycle. Some of the advantages of this machine are:

  • accurate dosing with drip free filling
  • easy adjustment
  • fast disassembly of the pump and valves for cleaning and sterilizing
  • table-top, space saving design

If volume of less than 25 ml. have to be filled, smaller pumps and valves can be used. If filling quantities of 150 - 250 ml. are required, both pumps can work on one common filling needle. Filling needles are made of stainless steel and can be supplied for any container to be filled. The vial holder can easily be adjusted for any size vial.

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