Suppository Molding Machine

Suppository Molding Machine

Suppository Molding Machine - PFM-L

The Pharmag Filling and Moulding Apparatus PFM-L is used for molding suppositories, lipsticks and similar products into suitable molds. The PFM-L is directly connected to the UAM Motor Drive which is used to drive the built-in stirrer. This instrument permits melting, agitation and mixing during the filling operation. The stainless steel kettle and the agitator are heated by a glycerine bath and heating element. The thermostat permits adjustment of the temperature of the kettle from 20 to 100oC. The sled, below the filling nozzle, holds any type of mold. It is adjustable in all directions and controlled by a hand wheel. The capacity of kettle is 3.5L. The heating jacket requires 2.75 Kg. of glycerine. The production capacity varies with material, molds etc. but production rates up to 4,000 molded suppositories per hour are not unusual.

A Variety of Mold Shapes 

Typical mold shapes include torpedo (rectal), conical cap (vaginal), globule (vaginal), and projectile. The molds are made of Duralumin. Their inner surface is coated with Silicon Resin which prevents the contact of the moulded material with the metal of the mold and guarantees maximum inertness. The construction of the molds guarantees long-lasting functional properties and quality. Customizable mold shape can be made at an additional cost.

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